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The BLKPEEL™ Carbon Laser Treatment consists of a special medical grade mask composed of mineral mud of volcanic rock, applied to the skin and followed by

Q-switched laser rejuvenation. 

This advanced laser treatment has been designed to improve the overall appearance of the skin by:

  • Brightening the skin

  • Lightening surface hyperpigmentation

  • Accelerating blood circulation & cell turnover

  • Ridding active acne & acne scarring

  • Clearing blackheads and congestion

  • Evening out skin tone

  • Minimizing enlarged pores and oil production

  • Removing dead skin cells

  • Reducing fine lines & wrinkles

How does the treatment work?

A medical grade black carbon mask is applied to cleansed and exfoliated skin. This carbon peel mask will bind to the skin and penetrate deep into pores and fine lines. The laser light is then attracted to the carbon and the light will blast the top layers of the skin painlessly away leaving the skin refined, polished and radiant with no downtime.

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