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Sculpt FX™ for Muscle Toning

Sculpt FX™ for Muscle Toning

$550.00 Regular Price
$330.00Sale Price

Sculpt FX™ is a non-invasive muscle sculpting device that uses EMS with Multidirectional Muscle Stimulation which deploys a unique method of electrical muscle stimuation to target specific muscle groups using three treatment modes and covering the largest treatment area of the body of any muscle sculpting platform. One Sculpt FX™ treatment is equivalent to 54,000 crunches in just 15 minutes! An average of 30% muscle growth can be observed after a series of 6-8 treatments. Up to 8 areas of the body can be treated simultaneously! For areas with more fat, it is recommended to start with a Sculpt RF™ fat reduction treatment for the ultimate body sculpting experience!


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