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IPL photofacial


PhotoFacial is a comprehensive treatment using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to effectively

treat skin imperfections including sun damage, brown spots, age spots, and vascularity

(redness). PhotoFacial works by focusing a beam of light to a target in the skin such as

enlarged vessels and irregular pigmentation. The enlarged vessels and irregularities

are removed without scarring or damage to the treated or surrounding area. 




  • Treats pigmentation caused by sun damage and rosacea

  • Diminishes broken capillaries and unsightly facial vessels

  • Reduces pores 

  • Can also be used on neck, chest, hands, arms, legs and back

  • Quick and virtually pain-free


Things To Know


  • Can only be performed on Skin types I-IV

  • Must avoid sun exposure for at least 4 weeks before and after treatment.

  • No downtime. Mild sunburn-like sensation is expected afterwards. Makeup may be applied immediately.

  • Pigmentation will appear darker after treatment as it is pulled up to the surface and will lighten after approx. 7 days.


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